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Blind Scan Support 'Soruce code"

PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:45 pm
by spacedvb
A C program I wrote to blindscan digital satellite signals. Taking advantage of the blindscan algorithm in the Linux driver for the Prof DVB-S2 cards, it will step through a range of transponders, find the symbol rate, and calculate for an LNB if you give it one

A very good mechanism for DVBS2 application Blind SCAN , It scan the currently and most updated TP some time provider change frequency and you lost video ad sound , with this soruce you will find that TP if you don,t now the new TP.

Thanx to aanon

Blindscan tool for the Linux DVB S2 API usage: blindscan-s2
-b : run blind scan
-T : Tune a specific transponder
-H : only scan horizontal polarity
-V : only scan vertical polarity
-N : no polarity
-i : interactive mode
-m : monitor signal mode
-M : monitor and re-tune each time
-a number : adapter number (default 0)
-f number : frontend number (default 0)
-F number : fec (default auto)
-s number : starting transponder frequency in MHz (default 950)
-e number : ending transponder frequency in MHz (default 1450)
-d number : delivery system 4=DSS 5=DVB-S 6=DVB-S2 (default 0)
-t number : step value for scan in MHz (default 20)
-R number : amount of times to try tuning each step (default 1)
-r number : symbol rate in MSym/s (default 16000)
-l number : local oscillator frequency of LNB (default 0)
-2 : enable 22KHz tone (default OFF)
-c number : use DiSEqC COMMITTED switch position N (1-4)
-u number : use DiSEqC uncommitted switch position N (1-4)
-U N.N : orbital position for USALS
-G N.N : site longtude
-A N.N : site latitude
-W number : seconds to wait after usals motor move (default 45)
-v : verbose Example:
Default scans L-band range in steps of 20 on H and V polarity
blindscan-s2 -b
Scan 11700-11900 vertical in steps of 10, and calculate for lof
blindscan-s2 -b -s 11700 -e 11900 -V -t 10 -l 10750

We personaly use this Soruce for TBS,Netup DVBS2,Hauppauge.

On STB DREAMBOX 7020 HD ,Dreambox 800HD,Azbox Lite,ABcom.