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Multiple Users in DLNA

DLNA server mode

Most networked media players, including Blueray players and TV sets are fit in that mode.

Multiple Users in DLNA

Postby finbar » Mon Nov 07, 2011 11:09 am

This may be a feature of the DNLA specification.

If the Nessie Tuner is in use with one DNLA client and you try and connect a second client, the second client just hangs. It should gave a message saying that tuner is in use by XXX, even better would be an optional ability for the second user to share the video stream ( so it would be like you broadcast mode but with a better way of selecting the chennel to be broadcast)
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Re: Multiple Users in DLNA

Postby hop » Mon Nov 07, 2011 1:41 pm

Current version of software has some internal core already designed with mind
of multiaccess (multiple clients).

I can tell you that during this week I will check if we are able to signal
that tuner is occupied (the only way in DLNA is to do it inside service
signalling part. Something like if tuner is occupied, then second
client get zero services in browser, or only one service named "Device is busy"
or something like that.).

Our steps toward full multiaacess support are as following:

1, support concurrent access to the same service (so second, third, ... client
see only currently transmitted service in browser)
2, support access to all services on the same frequency (on satellite
it means one transponder, on terestrial/cable it means one multiplex)

If things go right way, we are going to work on first step very soon
(I hope nobody kills me if I write in 2-3 weeks :-) ) and week later
we can continue on second step. All is only the matter of coordination
of works on most important (that is "user most prefered") features first.

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