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Software 1.3.14 released

PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 1:36 am
by hop
1.3.12 release has serious bug which results in few features stopping working!!!
Please upgrade to fixed release 1.3.14.


  • Fixed socket leaking

  • Fixed sending ALL audio tracks to the client
  • Add channel description for DLNA config
  • Scan: fixed parsing AC3 audio channels
  • Scan: fixed scan crash when no service name was set
  • Added "strict spec mode" which disables support for Range: header ignoration
  • Allow tuner sleep if no client is connected
  • Fixed scanning filtering support
  • Fixed config filtering/removal support

  • PID filter driver speed optimization
  • Fixed sat postion internet update
  • Fixed unlimited growing up of http access log file
  • Some web GUI improvements/fixes

Please download from