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Blind Scan Support 'Soruce code"

virtual tuner mode

The mode is destined for users of HD models of Dreambox and also for all who are using Linux as mediacenter (included really big group of VDR fans).

Blind Scan Support 'Soruce code"

Postby spacedvb » Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:45 pm

A C program I wrote to blindscan digital satellite signals. Taking advantage of the blindscan algorithm in the Linux driver for the Prof DVB-S2 cards, it will step through a range of transponders, find the symbol rate, and calculate for an LNB if you give it one

A very good mechanism for DVBS2 application Blind SCAN , It scan the currently and most updated TP some time provider change frequency and you lost video ad sound , with this soruce you will find that TP if you don,t now the new TP.

Thanx to aanon

Blindscan tool for the Linux DVB S2 API usage: blindscan-s2
-b : run blind scan
-T : Tune a specific transponder
-H : only scan horizontal polarity
-V : only scan vertical polarity
-N : no polarity
-i : interactive mode
-m : monitor signal mode
-M : monitor and re-tune each time
-a number : adapter number (default 0)
-f number : frontend number (default 0)
-F number : fec (default auto)
-s number : starting transponder frequency in MHz (default 950)
-e number : ending transponder frequency in MHz (default 1450)
-d number : delivery system 4=DSS 5=DVB-S 6=DVB-S2 (default 0)
-t number : step value for scan in MHz (default 20)
-R number : amount of times to try tuning each step (default 1)
-r number : symbol rate in MSym/s (default 16000)
-l number : local oscillator frequency of LNB (default 0)
-2 : enable 22KHz tone (default OFF)
-c number : use DiSEqC COMMITTED switch position N (1-4)
-u number : use DiSEqC uncommitted switch position N (1-4)
-U N.N : orbital position for USALS
-G N.N : site longtude
-A N.N : site latitude
-W number : seconds to wait after usals motor move (default 45)
-v : verbose Example:
Default scans L-band range in steps of 20 on H and V polarity
blindscan-s2 -b
Scan 11700-11900 vertical in steps of 10, and calculate for lof
blindscan-s2 -b -s 11700 -e 11900 -V -t 10 -l 10750

We personaly use this Soruce for TBS,Netup DVBS2,Hauppauge.

On STB DREAMBOX 7020 HD ,Dreambox 800HD,Azbox Lite,ABcom.
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